Saturday, April 9, 2011

OPEN HOUSE how would believe

Have you ever had one of those days when your not sure just what to say..... I was preparing for an open house in a vacate home in a very nice subdivision, the home sat on a hill with a large tree in the front yard almost like Mrs Cravat's neighbor. Kids playing in the yards close by the sun is shinning and the birds were spring a beautiful day for an Open House.

I arrived at the home to set up, I entered the house turning on all the lights, arranging the cookies and paperwork and then settling down for the day. I had not been then only about 15 mins when the neighbor came over and will no hello and not missing a beat said "show me the room" I said "the room" well ya the room the boy went crazy and killed his father.... very long pause... he was crazy you know...which i did not know.

The neighbor made his way back to the back of the house to see what he thought was going to be a mess....arrive at the room you could see the disappoint that settle down on his face. Looking into the room which had been freshly painted and new carpet throughout. At which time he left. For the rest of the 2.5 hours the house made all the popping and creaking sounds you could image freaking me out just a little...As most of us know as agents someone being murdered in a home is not a defect of a home and does not have to be disclosure in most states unless you know and are asked about it.

2 weeks later a nice lady view the property fell in love with the home it was her dream home....until she did you due delinquency and found out the someone was killed in the home getting more details she cancel the contract due to the fact that she was the police office that arrested the boy she was aware of his mental state she would not be at the home if he was ever released. Knowing that is where he would return and she was not going to be there.


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