Monday, October 3, 2011

28 DAYS Till Halloween in Utah - Black Island Farms Harvest Festival and Corn Maze - Syracuse, UT

Another fun place for the whole family. Corn mazes for the little kids and Nightmare Acres for the older ones and a farmers market for the adults. This place is located in Davis County in the town of Syracuse. Check out all the fun at

Black Island Farms

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Feed the Goats

Black Island Farms - A Barrel of Fun!

Open from September 23 thru October 31, 2011

You'd never think that vegetables could be so much fun!   Ours are!   We have—
  • Veggie hayrides (out to the Pumpkin Patch!)
  • Veggies to play in (the Corn Box and our Cornfield MAiZE!)
  • Veggies to shoot (in the Corn Cannon!)
  • Veggies to eat (roasted or popped corn at our concession!)
  • Black Island Farms has something for kids of all ages, from two to ninety-two. Come out for the day, or plan to spend the evening with us at the bonfire.

    For the Adventurous

    We have a Corn Cannon that fires off corncobs ($1 extra) — team up with your friends and see who can shoot corn out farther! The Pumpkin Bounce is a 'bounce house' shaped like a pumpkin, where you can work off some energy ($1 entry ticket).

    If you like animals ...

    See Farm Photos Visit Animal Alley where you'll meet our friendly farm animals. We have chickens and turkeys, and we have a few cows and some goats. Plus the pigs, and they are racers! The Pig Races will make you squeal with laughter. Get more info on Pig Races ...

    Did we Mention Food?

    A Black Island Farms experience can make you hungry, but we can take care of that! Come to Black Island Farms House of Vittles for delicious ears of roasted corn, sizzling hot dogs, and crispy nachos. We have the usual soda pop and candy, as well as hot chocolate and Kettle Corn.

    Don't forget that we have a Farmers Market here at Black Island Farms!

    Keep looking!     We have Hayrides and Bonfires!     And special attractions for Little Folks!
    And don't forget the Cornfield MAiZE and haunted Nightmare Acres!