Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Housekeeping and Your Home

Is a clean house on your list for Santa this year? If not, it may be worth considering since time just seems to evaporate this time of year.  Between attending community and work socials, school events for children, and family gatherings, it seems there is little chance to enjoy the season while still keeping up with tasks related to maintaining your home.

Perhaps you feel guilty having someone else clean your home.  If this is the case, consider the many other jobs you outsource during the holidays, from dining away from home to babysitting or gift wrapping services, and recognize that it is allowable to treat yourself to a more relaxed and festive end of the year, through hiring someone to clean your home for you this December.

Some Tips to Consider When Hiring Someone to Clean Your Home

  • Ask for a Referral – Whether you hire based on a recommendation of a good friend or your Realtor, quality matters in housekeeping so you want to make sure someone you trust feels confident in the ability of your cleaning crew.
  • Define the Tasks – Depending on your home, the amount and type of cleaning will vary.  Be specific about any requests related to vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, dishwashing, window cleaning, laundry services, bed making, and other tasks so that your needs will be met accordingly.
  • Consider the Details – Ask about bonding, licensure, screening, and training and be present at the first cleaning to ease your comfort level, if needed.  Point out areas needing special care or that will not be accessible and offer explanations, as warranted.
  • Determine Price & Supply Needs – Negotiate the price of your cleaning prior to the work being done.  Keep in mind that you have several options, from one-time service to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and live-in cleaning options and will typically see a discount in rates with more frequent cleaning.  Also ask if you need to provide anything (vacuum, cleaning supplies, etc), since many services bring their own supplies.
  • Ask for Clarity – Once you’ve determined the work to be done and agreed on a price, ask what you can expect.  Will you be having one person or a crew cleaning your home?  Will they return on the same day and time each visit?  Will the crew rotate or can you expect to see the same cleaner(s) each time?  How is payment to be made and do you need to be present while the cleaning is being done?

Then, sit back and relax knowing that one of the stresses of the holiday season has been delegated.  Go out and have some fun and then enjoy returning to your home, your newly cleaned and sparkling home, that is!

Holiday Housekeeping and Your Home

Holiday Housekeeping and Your Home

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

6 reasons to GOOGLE your address!!




There are at least 6 compelling reason to Google your own address- especially if it is an address your are thinking of renting, buying or selling. Smart home owners would do well to search for their address too and here is why….


1) To see if Megan’s Law Registrants live nearby – Safety first folks. Megan’ Law requires law enforcement authorizes to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders in their neighborhood. Nearly every state that has a Megan’s Law-type sex offenders registry has on online version that serves up the names and address and sex offenders history and even photos. Check it out for your state at MEGAN’S LAW or for Utah at UTAH SEX REGISTRY



2) To find Crime reports and Data for your home – Cities, county and state law enforcement agencies all post crime date online, But GOOGLE searches for your address or city and “CRIME REPORT” is most likely to turn up your local police or sheriff’s offices crime report. If you are moving to a city or even a state where your are not completely familiar, doing a quick search on Google holds the potential to reveal some disturbing or comforting crime activity information

3) To detect scammer how are trying to sale or rent your home – Internet scammers have taken to ripping off house information and putting together fake listings, offering other peoples for rent and even for sale with a lease to own option. The offer list the home with with cheap and easy terms, then ask the would be buyers or renters to please wirer or send the deposit money over seas, where the fake sellers can get it while they are traveling- you guessed it – Nigeria. These scams come to light only when the new renter start stopping my the home and peeking in the windows.

4) Checking out the values in your neighborhood to possible help with your taxes - In real estate the value of your home is driven mostly by the value of those home in your neighborhood that are similar to your also known as comps. (In some now disclosure state this maybe   more difficult) This could give you a good reason to know what your neighbors home sold for. If you see a pattern of homes selling for lower then yours homes assessed value, you can use these comps to petition your county to lower your own property taxes

5) To see your homes property records – Its a story as old as homes, well as old as websites that displays homes records and listings. Your homes records online are populated from the public records about your home. which are either  so old they don’t include upgrades and additions that have been done over time, or they’re just flat out wrong for a number of reasons. If you Google your address and find that your home description is riddled with errors, contact your county public record agency to correct them, this is particularly important if you are planning on selling your home anytime soon

6) To see home Home’s GOOGLE street view – When your selling your home its especially critical to see everything that prospective home buyers may see. That means checking out how your home listing looks on all online real estate sites. One thing homes savvy buyers is the Google map street view of the homes they maybe interested in prior to going to see the home for themselves. If you are unfamiliar with this Google attached a camera to the top of a car and drove down almost every street in America. Now Google uses can have an over head view along with a street view of the homes. That a look for yourself at GOOGLE MAPS this will blow your mind

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get Multiple Offers on Your Home

multiples offers on your homeYou may have been talking with a neighbor or simply heard a snippet on the radio or television, but suddenly you are aware that right now is a “seller’s market.” Thoughts of an instant million dollar sale of your home or timing the selling of your home may be coursing through your brain and if so, you should consult with a knowledgable real estate agent to get the inside scoop. Many areas are experiencing low home volume and high demand which could place your home for sale in prime position.

As a home owner, you may not understand the technicalities behind multiple offers and so working with a local real estate agent can provide you with the much needed guidance you’ll require to navigate your home sale. There are some simple steps that can aid you in getting multiple offers and the basics are outlined below.
<h3>Sell Your Home For More Money</h3>
    <li>Stage Your Home for Sale - In a “seller’s market,” potential buyers know they need to act fast to put in an offer on the house (or houses) they like. Make sure yours is on that list by tending to every detail, cleaning well and listening carefully to suggestions made by your real estate agent.</li>
    <li>Spread the Word - From hosting a Broker’s Preview to the open house and other advertising, make sure that your home for sale is being properly promoted. Attention must be drawn to your home in order for it to be seen and offers to be submitted. Give your home the promotion it needs or find a real estate agent who will, so you can wait for the offers to roll in.</li>
    <li>Ask for a Lockbox - To have multiple offers, multiple people need to view your home (in staged condition) at all times. Realize that getting your home sold quickly will likely mean a bit of inconvenience for you in the short term. The sooner you accept an offer, however, the less time you’ll need to spend adjusting your lifestyle.</li>
If you need more advice or simply want a real estate agent you can trust with your home, please don't hesitate to call.  Lori Fleming  your Weber, Davis, Morgan and Box Elder agent.  I'd love to get you multiple offers!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turn of the Century!! Willard Utah

Turn of the century fully remodeled red brick farm house with easy access to school shopping, Willard Bay and I-15

Home offers 3 bedrooms 2 baths bright open kitchen with center island and all new appliances.

All new windows, wiring, plumbing sitting on over 1/2 acre corner lot in Willard. Dont let this one get away Home wired with Cat 5 and coax wiring

Call today for your private showing Lori Fleming Golden Spike Realty 801-940-9560

For more photos CLICK HERE

How Much Should You Spend on Your Home Purchase

Buying a home starts with determining how much house you can afford. While it’s important to be careful of buying more house than you can afford, changes in the mortgage industry make doing that nearly impossible these days. Recent restrictions on debt to income ratios, required documentation, and loan to value amounts have established industry standards that aid in preventing homeowners from buying more home than is affordable. While restrictive, these requirements can put your mind at ease as a homeowner, knowing that you are not in over your head in the purchase of your home. With that in mind, the key in home buying is to buy as much home as you can afford! Interest rates are at their lowest in decades and home values are still in question in many areas, allowing you to enter low on both counts and possibly purchase your home for much less of a monthly payment than you would normally expect. As values begin to return, interest rates may start to increase, too, allowing you less home for the same monthly amount. According to West Coast-based Mortgage Banker Ken Starks, “At this point in the market cycle, interest rates are as low as they EVER have been, and real estate values appear to have fallen all they will fall in many markets across the country." Starks added, "These two factors alone combine to create the buying opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of excellent long term real estate gains and long term low payments.” As a potential home buyer researching loan products, there really are not many options commonly chosen these days. Most home buyers choose a fixed rate 30 or 15 year mortgage. This week's average rates for both fixed rates are under 3.5%, according to the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey®. Specialty products and adjustable rate mortgages are still offered at times, but generally only to individuals with high net worth and disposable income (who really don’t need the loan). Many new home buyers turn to FHA loans as they allow more flexibility on down payments, credit scores, and debt to income ratios. While FHA loans may initially seem to have more fees, a good mortgage company will work with you and often absorb that cost to get you the right loan, so don't be afraid to compare rates when buying your home. If you are considering buying a home, consider the additional guides below when determining your price point and work with an agent who knows your area, to find you the best home that delivers value, in your budget and in the best location.

  • Stay within the income guidelines, having only 30% of your income being related to housing costs (including HOA fees if applicable).
  • Keep your TOTAL debt under 40%.
  • Read the fine print. If you are withdrawing from a savings plan (such as a 401K or IRA) for your down payment, be aware of any penalties or restrictions before you count on the money and plan accordingly.
  • Plan on something going wrong and maintain some savings. Many new homeowners find themselves challenged when disaster strikes. Whether the trouble results from a natural disaster or one that’s man-made, reserving at least 3 months of expenses in a savings account, will help you to weather the storms of life, and enjoy your home long-term.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loving Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

What can I do to get my home ready?” This question is often posed when someone is ready to sell a home, but it doesn’t have to be. Making your home repairs and upgrades as needed can actually lead to a happier home owning lifestyle and will also mean that you are ready to go, when and if, it is time to sell your home.

Home improvements can be costly, but they don’t have to be. There are many projects that can be done inexpensively and relatively quickly that will deliver huge value.

Take for instance, paint.  Painting a room or the front door of your home instantly brightens that space and can bring a smile to your face whenever you enter the area. While painting can be labor intensive, the actual material cost is quite low, with a gallon of high quality paint costing less than $35.

Painting the outside elements of your home, whether it’s the trim, stucco or fencing, will bring that same joy every time you return or leave your home, as well. And, for exterior walls, painting may actually be more than you need – it’s amazing what power washing can do to illuminate your home! The same could be said for installing additional lighting to your landscaping. Small exterior painting and lighting projects can be done for under $350 and deliver results you can instantly see!

Perhaps you feel the interior of your home is dated and cramped and would prefer a more open design. If so, you can take on a slightly bigger project and remove a wall or convert an existing wall to a half wall. Check with a contractor to make sure you aren’t removing a bearing wall beforehand, as that could result in a more costly project than originally intended. Another option would be to build or install built in organization systems in your home so that you have more “homes” for your stuff, or better yet, just reduce the amount of stuff you already have. The adage “less is more” will really have you appreciating the space created through clutter removal.

Installing new windows, a tank-less hot water heater, an outdoor eating area, and adding insulation or other energy efficient home items can also improve your satisfaction as a home owner and increase your home’s perceived value when it’s time to sell. These upgrades may initially cost more, however with rebates and available tax credits, may be a very worthwhile expense for your home.

No matter what projects, if any, you decide to do with your home, the key is to enjoy it.  Enjoy it now, enjoy it later, and enjoy the memories that owning your home will allow you to create in the far distant future.  Your home is part of living the American Dream and you need to make sure your dream is the best it can be!