Monday, October 10, 2011

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Stop Whining and Start Winning


I wanted to say something but I couldn’t get a word in.

My wife’s friend Rachel wouldn’t stop complaining.

For twenty minutes she bombarded me with a series of complaints. She complained about her job. She complained about her company’s new policies. She complained about the economy. Most of all she complained about her lack of sales.

I don’t remember saying this but Rachel likes to remind me that I finally stopped her from complaining by saying, “Rachel, Rachel, will you please shut up.”

Then I said, “It’s really simple. You have a choice. You can accept your company’s new policies, come to work with a positive attitude and decide to be your best every day or you can find a new job at a new company. But whatever you do, stop complaining because it’s not doing you any good. Either change your job or change your attitude about your job.”

The conversation was over and so was our friendship, I thought, because Rachel wouldn’t speak to me for a few months.

Then my wife and I saw her at a party and she told me that while it was hard to hear what I had to say she decided to take my advice. She stayed in her job, stopped complaining and started selling more.

Three months after changing her attitude her sales were up 30%.

A year later her sales were up 70%.

Everyone in her company wanted to know how she was doing it. Rachel graciously and honestly told people about our conversation and I was invited to speak at her company’s annual sales meeting.

And just the other day, three years after our initial conversation, I caught up with Rachel again. We hadn’t spoken in a long time and I was wondering how she was doing.

Rachel told me that during the last two years her sales continued to grow. She has been promoted twice and is now in her dream job, leading a division at The Knot. It’s the job she always wanted and she’s more excited and passionate than ever about her work.

Rachel stopped whining and started winning!

How about you?

Is complaining sabotaging you and/or your team?

If complaining is holding you back I know how you feel. I use to be a professional complainer. That’s why I knew what Rachel needed to hear. I was in a similar situation 10 years ago.

But I’ve learned that when you stop whining and take positive action, you start winning.

Give it a try!


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