Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LET'S HELP ROY POLICE OUT - Thieves steal pickup full of guns, ammunition in Roy


Thieves in Roy got more than what they bargained for Wednesday after stealing a truck left idling in a residential driveway. The pickup contained ammunition and firearms, including an assault rifle.

Police are on heightened alert as they search for the stolen Toyota pickup, knowing what kind of firepower that is in there.   

"Yeah there's a potential for something dangerous to happen," said Roy City Police Sgt. Kevin Smith.


The thieves stole the vehicle from a residence at 6056 South and 2100 West. The truck's owner called dispatch a little after 10 a.m. to report the theft.

"He did confirm there was a hunting rifle, an assault rifle, a shotgun and a handgun," said Smith.

Smith said that the truck contained ammunition to go along with the guns.

Witnesses say they saw a light blue Bonneville pull up next to the truck. A neighbor saw a man and woman get in the truck and drive away. The neighbor said a black male and white male were in the Bonneville.

Police say the victim was in the middle of a move and had his truck warming up to begin transporting things from one house to another.

"While he was loading stuff in, went in to get some more items, came back and the truck was gone," said Sgt. Smith.

Police ask residents who has any information that can help them locate the suspects to call Weber County dispatch at 801-629-8221.