Monday, April 11, 2011

Why is the sun always shining when I am stuck in the basement!!

Why does the sun always shine when I am stuck in the basement working my little heart to death.

I have  noticed on long weeks and even months when the sun is behind the clouds or even decides not to come out at all the effects it has on my moods!!   I am even dangerous to my kids. I have notice my knees ache my head hurts and I even feel like I have the flu when the sun is not shinning

Spring in Utah is quite different from most places it could be 70 degress on Monday,  be snowing 6 inches and  30 degrees on Saturday making it rough to enjoy the sunshine and it always seems to be shining when I have to work. UGHHHH!!

I decided to find out just why the sun is so important to my body and this is what I found out

  • The sunlight kills microbes.
  • Sunlight helps in cases of chronic or acute depression,
  • The sun is good against insomnia.
  • The skin synthesizes vitamin D, which makes  possible calcium absorption in the intestine, helping the organism grow  strong bones.
  • The sun fights off this disease. Regular and  controlled exposure to the sun has a preventive effect against cancer of  colon, breast, leukemia and lymphomas.
  • The sun strengthens the cardiovascular system.  Blood circulation is improved, the pulse, arterial pressure, moderately  high glycemia and cholesterol levels can be normalized
  • Sun rays improve liver functioning,
  • The sun also helps losing weight by increasing the metabolic rate through the stimulation of the thyroid
  • The sun rays also ease the healing of the swollen joints during peaks of inflammation in cases of arthritic


(well after I finish my work I got so excited there for a minute)