Thursday, January 26, 2012

Riverdale wary about townhome project


I like the concept but hate the location of these townhouse being on a busy road now that Ritter has become closed to East bound traffic.

1500  becomes the entrance to two large subdivision and the test driven road for Larry H. Miller. Also one thing to remember with Larry H. Miller dealerships location,  this created traffic for the Alpine Church to be directed from around the back of Millers to down the 1500 road and through the adjoining neighborhood.

If there is 60 home there could easy be upward of 30 kids playing on and in the area crossing streets to get to the play areas.

 This could cause a safety for the kids. If you notice the play areas are right next to the road way I know this is just in the first phase of drawing but I see it as a safety. I would love to hear your thoughts

Here is the the feed back from the Standard Examiner

By Deanne Winterton

Standard-Examiner correspondent

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 10:02pm


RIVERDALE -- City council members met a new townhome proposal with some resistance over the possible long-term fate of such a project.

Brad Wilson, president of Destination Homes, detailed aspects of a proposed luxury townhome community at 1500 West on what has been referred to as the Hayward Business Park property south of the new Larry H. Miller auto dealership. The area is zoned transitional residential.

A preliminary concept site plan shows 60 units on 4.86 acres. Wilson said the units would range in size from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet and include two-car garages. The site would include three common green areas, including a tot lot.

"Our buyer for this product is the young professional, transitioning from college to first career," Wilson said. "It is very different than an apartment. It is an opportunity to build equity."

Councilman Mike Staten said a townhome project in the area would prohibit business from creeping into residential areas.

"The idea is great, appropriate for the area," he said.

Some council members are worried the owner-occupied units would turn into rental units in the future. They say the city has enough rental units now.

"Short-term, this is a nice project," Councilman Norm Searle said. "Long-term, this is just another bunch of rentals. Already, 42 to 45 percent of people in Riverdale live in rentals. I am not in favor."

"When they turn to rentals, they turn to decay," Mayor Bruce Burrows said. "That is the naked truth."

Searle and Councilman Alan Arnold voiced concern over room to store snow removed from the project's streets. Burrows is concerned the sewer infrastructure in the area would not handle the increased load.

Wilson said he would consult a professional homeowners' association about how to ensure units remain owner-occupied