Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prepare Your House For a "STRESS FREE" Sale - When your Home becomes a

[[posterous-content:pid___1]]Let’s face it: this is your home and you may have lived there many years, perhaps all your life. It is chock-full of memories and the feeling of being uprooted is unsettling. Fortunately there are many ways to cope:

  • Preserve the memory of your home by taking pictures or video taping your house, both inside and out. You won’t be watching them however, because you’ll be too busy whipping your house into shape and, once you’ve moved to your new house, you’ll be too busy with life. The process, however, helps you to say goodbye to your beloved home.
  • Hold a home farewell party to announce that you’re selling and moving soon. This accomplishes three things:
      1. By breaking the news, you and your family are now committed and must get your ‘butts in gear’.
      2. It’s the right audience to ask for help and support.
      3. Your guests may know somebody who might be looking to buy a house. Why not start marketing your house right now?
  • Stay positive. Moving provides you the opportunity to leave old baggage behind and start afresh. Think of what new and exciting possibilities life could bring.

If you’re not mentally ready, you’ll become sick and tired of this whole process very quickly and you’ll quit.

The danger is you’ll end up dumping your house at a fire-sale price out of desperation. Start calling your home a HOUSE. It’s now officially a commodity. You should use the term ‘house’ from now on.

Now you also need to take care of yourself. The home selling  process can be very stressful. I have told my husband we need to move at least every three 3 so I can remember just what you will be going through.

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]The moving, packing, cleaning and stress can take a toll on your body so I would like to recommend Dr. Clinton Youngberg   | HealthSource of South Ogden | 801-430-9024

I have been to him a couple of time and I am already feeling the results. I no longer have the headaches like I did.

So lets prepare both your home and your body for a very Healthy home sale!!