Sunday, April 15, 2012

What do you as a resident of Rivedale Utah and/or surrounding area feel about this issue.

What do you as a resident of Rivedale Utah and/or surrounding area feel about this issue. The reason I picked Riverdale is because I am a resident of the Riverdale area.


If you have not heard the local sign companies are looking to move the old billboard in the state to electronic sign. This issue has been on the local news with Salt Lake City in the the for front.

Here are my feelings and I would love to hear from you. There are 12 billboards along the  I-15 freeway with in the jurisdiction of the Riverdale City Utah limits  that could be effected by this issue. Some of the concerns with these billboards are


  • The distractions they my cause,
  • The amount of light they put off
  • The number of  times the advertising will change in any given time.

I have driven around Riverdale and the surrounding areas  looking at the billboards along the way,  my personal feelings are that the signs with the spot lights on them are much brighter then the new electronic billboards and are only changing about every 6 - 8 seconds with a different advertisement  appearing up to 6 different time. If these billboards were going to be a distraction they are already in place with the current locations.   The number of signs will not change but can be limited to what is already in place.

Traveling down the freeway at 65 to 70 MPH 8 seconds is only time for the sign to remain on the same ad or changing just one time not causing any more distractions then the billboards that are currently in place.

When it come down to it,  how many of us really pay attention to the billboards that are currently installed? Some of these area there were billboards that were advertising “rent this space” or  are run down creating an eye sore instead of what there intended purpose really is. With the new electronic billboards it will be more cost effect to keep these billboard up to date fresh looking and we would not have the issues of hanging canvass or faded advertising and be able to say up with the time and new technologies.


Second with the world we live in wouldn't it be nice if there was a amber alert (missing child) it could by the flip of a switch all the elecronic signs could turn immeditly to these alert save pressus time and alerting all of us to be on the look out for a missing child,  a current car or the person who may have that child.

All in all I don't see it as being a problem but would allow Riverdale to keep up with the time. What are your thoughts.

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