Sunday, April 8, 2012

Riverdale Utah - Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee - Get Involved

If you love bike riding and want to get involved here is a great opportunity for you to make a difference.


The Riverdale City Council recently approved the creation of a Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee. The purpose of the committee is to assist in creating planning guidelines for making the city a more bicyclist and pedestrian friendly community.

The committee will be made up of a representative from the City Council, Public Works Department, Community Development Department, Police Department, and citizens of the community. The committee will propose recommendations to amend the General Plan, which will then be considered by the Planning Commission.

Residents who would like to be considered for placement on the committee need to print and fill out the application by clicking here. Then return the application to: Riverdale City Community Development Department, Attn. Randy Daily, 4600 S. Weber River Drive.

If you have any questions please call Randy Daily at 801-394-5541 ext. 1215.

The Utah Department of Health has prepared a guide on creating a Bike/Pedestrian plan for communities. To view the guide click here.

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