Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Crazy Week in the Life of Lori Fleming!!

Well it appears another week is wrapping up and if you’re like the rest of us you probably still have a few things on that to-do list that you didn’t cross off just yet. As you know, the busy summer months are right around the corner so it’s even more important that you don’t get stressed out and to stay mentally healthy and on task. That’s why I wanted to share seven great tips that I would love to learn to live by, and I hope it will help you stay productive and successfully on task.

1)      Break large projects into smaller ones. Simply writing “come up with marketing plan” on your to-do-list is a sure way to make sure it never gets done. Work backwards. Start with a goal, break that into milestones, then think smaller and break it into a task. Remember small bites are the best way to eat a large meal.

2)      Stop multitasking. No really, focus on one thing, complete it then move on to the next. It’s been proven that your IQ actually drops at least 5 points if you try to accomplish more than 10 things at the same time. This especially applies to men.  THIS IS THE HARDEST FOR ME!!! UGHHHHH

3)      Work on eliminating distractions. That means turning off the cell phone, maybe switching your email to offline mode, or closing the door. Don’t have an office door? Try listening to instrumental music through your head phones. Cal does this in my office...cant pull one over on me mister!

4)      Make a plan to check your email. Pick a time during the day that you check your email. Checking it constantly does nothing but create noise and keep you off task.

5)      Use the phone. Email isn’t for conversations. If an email requires more than two responses it’s time to make a call.

6)      Eat a good breakfast. It’s been proven over and over that people who eat a breakfast have higher brain activity throughout the day. Also make sure you stay hydrated. Try drinking 32 ozs of water with that morning cup of coffee.

7)      Take a break! Your brain is the most demanding organ in your body and just like any other it gets worn out. Try working in 60-minute to 90-minute increments, then take a quick walk and come back refreshed. Plan for these breaks when you’re scheduling your day.

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