Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parking a worry at Riverdale splash pad site


Riverdale City has provide a place for family and friends of Riverdale City to spent time with their kids. I don't think when this was in the works they ever dreamed the amount of people who would be coming from other cities to enjoy what Riverdale  has to offer or that parking would became an issue.

I personally have driven by the park on a hot summer day and have seen for myself the amount of people enjoying this pad.

I am not sure we need to drive people away from this splash pad by limiting the amount of parking. What we need to remember is these people are coming to Riverdale to enjoy not only the splash pad but also are purchasing food and gas as they travel to and from the pad.

From the View of a Realtor, this is a great opportunity to show people what a beautiful city we have and the accommodations we offer to the citizens of Riverdale with the possibilities that they would like to move their families into our city.

Currently there are 35 homes available in Riverdale in the price range of 72,500 to 314,900 out of those 35, 5 of them are bank owned or in a short sale. Riverdale also has a number of homes that are abandon.  Wouldn't it be nice to place good families in these home which would help beauty our city.
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By Deanne Winterton

Standard-Examiner correspondent

Wed, 02/15/2012 - 6:23am

RIVERDALE -- The Riverdale splash pad is becoming so popular that parking in the area is becoming a problem, city council members and residents agree.

Some residents are asking for a no-parking zone on the west side of Parker Drive near Riverdale Park.

City officials didn't expect the splash pad to be so popular that visitors consistently struggle to find a parking space.

On busy days, visitors park on the narrow shoulder on the west side of Parker Drive and cross east to the splash pad.

Although Councilmen Braden Mitchell and Don Hunt said they understand that children running across a busy road to reach the park is a safety hazard, reducing parking in the area would likewise be a problem.

"It's a no-brainer. We don't want people who come to visit the park in harm's way" by crossing a busy road, Hunt said.

"But the problem is, we don't have parking."

Councilman Norm Searle said converting the west side of Parker Drive to a no-parking area would eliminate 80 parking spaces.

"I'm not totally sure that prohibiting parking in that area is a good idea," he said. "Ideally, it would be nice to have more parking."

Councilman Mike Staten said city residents get frustrated with the popularity of the splash pad, which draws crowds from as far away as Brigham City. He said people running day care facilities in Brigham City come to enjoy the free venue.

As other cities build splash pads, Mayor Bruce Barrows said, it could reduce the strain on Riverdale's facility.

Other cities in the area that have or are planning to build a splash pad include Harrisville, North Ogden, Pleasant View, South Ogden and Roy, he said.

The council asked staff to review the issue, with the possibility of establishing additional parking spots.

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