Thursday, November 10, 2011

ATTENTION POTENTIAL SELLERS - There are frustrated buyers among us!!

Why is it so hard to find the right home now days with the interest rates so low and buyers willing to buy.

Would you believe it if I told you the inventory is down, seem almost impossible with all the local and national news stations talking about all the foreclosure happening all around us.

I have been working with multiple buyers looking for the right house and running into nothing but disappointment. The homes that are currently on the market are either way over priced due to the fall in the market and sellers not able to clear title,   short sale  which could take month to complete, or the homes are in need a major work and updating...UGGGH

One thing to remember when making on offer on a short sale not only do they take longer but they are usually in need of major repairs.  A family selling a short sale home has falling into a hardship of some kind. If is comes down to feeding your family or up keep of the home that is heading for foreclosure, they are going to chose to feed their family.

I keep hearing this to will pass.

As you can see  Weber County Utah's new listings for September are down 22% and year to date 15%

and in Davis County Utah's new listings for September are also down 24% and year today 17%


With this in mind now is a  great time to put your home on the market. DONT WAIT FOR SPRING!! If your home falls under the $300,000 price range and is in ready to sale condition this is your time to shine

Competition is at an all time low allowing you as a seller to get a higher price for your home, also now as we head into the colder months the buyers who are buying are serious buyers, and have to move. 

Most buyers dont like to move in the cold month and nestle down for a long winter nap. Now think about it not only do you have the most desirable home but you have a number of buyers looking.

If you have been thinking about selling and just can't decide let me tell you NOW is the time!!

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