Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why a Home Buyer Needs an Inspection

If you ever watch any home buying or remodeling shows on satellite or cable TV, you know what kinds of secrets a home inspection can reveal about a seemingly-safe house! Home inspections are crucial before finalizing any real estate purchase. The purpose of a home inspection is to evaluate the physical condition of the home for sale and identify anything that needs to be repaired or replaced as well as to estimate the remaining useful life of the structure’s components.
Don’t confuse appraisals with inspections! An appraisal is for a lender to estimate the value of the home, and to make sure it meets minimum FHA standards. The FHA does NOT guarantee the value or condition of your would-be new home. If you find problems with your home after closing, don’t expect the FHA to help. It’s your responsibility to inspect the home for problems before closing.

My go to home inspection company is Troy Thompson from Nook and Kranny. They have always been a great help for my buyers to understand any issues that may arise. Troy checks for radon and/or meth making this a very important investment.

Inspections are completed after signing as long as your contract states that the home sale depends on the inspection.

Also Troy will complete a pre listing inspections giving you the confidence you need and time to make any repairs that may be de-covered prior to closing.


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