Sunday, October 23, 2011

Safety facts about GPS Systems - good or bad?

Have you ever wondered just what does GPS stand for? Global Positioning System never be lost again...... Do we relay to much on these systems?

I know I use mine all the time when showing properties. I can input up to 8 homes and spend more time getting to know my clients as we travel. Which makes it great for me and my business, problem is  I have found  that many subdivision or street are not on the GPS system if you are not willing to update the product. It can be costly but worth it to me.


But have you ever thought like a criminal? Me neither when I was opening and unwraping the new device. One of the instructions when you set up your system is to program your homes address so it is easy to hit one button to take you home.

Do you see where I am going with this? Let say you go out to dinner a movie or even just to visit a friend. You have attached the device to the windshield of your car plugged in the address of the place you are going so excited to try out the product.

As you are enjoying your evening someone breaks into your car takes your GPS system and with one hit of the button they know right where you live and that you are not home. They just left your car so they know they have time.

 HERE IS MY TIP: Enjoy the freedom and confidence of using a GPS system but out smart the Criminals, program a convenient store or shopping center close to your home if you ever need to use the home button which I have multiple times when I am trying to find the freeway enterance or to just get point into the right director of home. Once you get headed into the right director and thing start to look familiar you will be able to make it home. And the criminal will end up shopping or confused that you live in the local 7 11


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