Sunday, October 2, 2011

Its hard to believe it been over 10 Years since the day Dale left

Dene and I spent time in North Carolina and visited this monument which stood 15 - 20 feet in the air... Met tons of very nice people, one in particular who was Dale Sr's neighbor he share with us the normal life of the Intimidator... racer on the weekend a family man and farmer during the week. It was not uncommon to see him in town picking up feed for the animals.

This was an eye opener for me that you can never judge a man only on weekends look deep into their hearts you may discover they are just like you.

He said boy can make fans stand and scream you name
can you hit em in the rear grab another gear still roll into victory lane
he said boy do you know how it feels to run three wide
cause if your daytoa bound let me warn you your in for a ride

and he cried when we got to daytona as he pulled onto the track and he said
this where you get out boy casue number 3 aint coming back
as i crawled out of that racecar i said thanks ill catch you later
he said it will be tough catching me boy CAUSE IM THE INTIMIDATOR!

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