Sunday, September 25, 2011

31 Ideas To HALLOWEEN.... One of my favorite Holidays

As summer comes to an end and the weather starts to turn cold one my favorite holidays is on its way.

One little, two little,
Three little witches
Flying over haystacks,
Soaring over ditches.
One little, two little,
Three little witches --
Happy Halloween!

One little, two little,
Three little witches
Flew o'er the fence and
Tore their britches,
Sewed them up with
Sixty stitches --
Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holiday I loved when the kids were young and the excitement was all around.  With ghost and witches prepared their outfits to scare their grandparents. I remember painting the window with fun Halloween creatures and watching my kids faces as the got off the bus to the surprise.


So for the next 31 days, I am going to share all the fun events I can find in Utah  for you and your family to enjoy this Halloween season.


Now I am not into Haunted Houses but I have a daughter who lives for them so I will be getting all my information regarding the quality of this house---cause you wont get me in them


So stay tune and check back for all the excitement you will find around Utah this Halloween Season


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