Saturday, August 20, 2011

BOY IN CHIMNEY: Homeowners find boy stuck in their chimney - KSTU

A couple originally thought the yelling was children playing in the backyard, but discovered that the noise was coming from an 8-year-old boy stuck in their chimney. A wall had to be ripped out of the home to let the boy out.

         "Through a noble effort of about and hour of cutting our house up...they were able to retrieve the child and overall everything was successful," said Draper. "He was black, just covered in soot but actually looked pretty well."

         West Valley City police say the boy had been reported missing by his mother earlier in the day after he left his home and didn't return.

          The boy was reportedly looking for food and water when he climbed up the Drapers' apricot tree, went down the chimney and got stuck. He'd managed to slide down to the basement of the home, near the flue.

          "They asked him why he had gone down the chimney and he said he was looking for food and water so evidently he was wandering the neighborhood," said Draper.

          The boy only suffered minor injuries. There is no estimate on how much damage was done to the home.


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