Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buzy, Crazy and The TO Doer's --YAHOO Apps to Save time on the Run

Have you every wondered just how could you make your life more organized without all the sticky notes, yellow pads or scattered pieces of paper trying to keep your to-dos separated from your I wish I would have dones?

In todays life style we all over schedule ourselves with things we should do and things we would like to do. So here are a few apps that will help you get them DONE!!! And enjoy life along the way...

I just found this one and it is way cool organize all your reward cards in one location

Key Ring is the app that "brings 'em all together". Use it to scan &  store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and  access exclusive coupons and discounts.

What is OPEN TABLE you ask yourself - Wow here your go...

OpenTable is a real-time restaurant reservation network that gives  diners, hotel concierges, and administrative professionals a live  Internet connection into the same computerized reservation books used by  thousands of the country's best restaurants

I dont leave in a crazy busy City but for those who do this would be great

Open Spot works by letting people who are leaving parking  spots share their spots with people who are searching for parking.

Start helping others find parking, and together we'll all  save time, save gas, and reduce pollution. Like to keep score? The more  open spots you mark, the more parking 'karma points' you'll get.

Find the best Bargins in town or hard to find stuff

Shopsavvy Find new ways to get the things you've scanned for even cheaper, learn about coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more. ShopSavvy 4 includes a rich set of tools to help you share the products  you scan and the prices you find on services such as Facebook, Twitter  and more.

Now that you have all these Apps running and you battery is dieing here is a quick way to kill them all with one click

Advance task Killer Just because Android apps have no "close" button doesn't mean they shut  down when you return to the home page or move on to another app. You  calendar, note pad, and programs in which you turn on event  notifications might periodically run in the background, depleting your  battery. Download and run Advanced Task Killer Free. You'll be amazed at  the apps that run on start-up without your knowledge.

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